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FIRST GAME: April 12th

(See 5/2 & 5/3 Doubleheader info below)


FESTIVAL: Saturday, May 30th & Sunday, May 31st

FESTIVAL RAIN DATES: Saturday, June 6th & Sunday, June 7th



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If You Are Going to
"Youth Soccer Night at the Barnstormers”
on May 27th...


1)  Be sure to wear your team’s jersey.


2)  Gates open at 6:00 pm.  The “Parade of Teams” will occur around 6:30 pm.  The staging area for the teams will be on the concourse behind Section #21 starting around 6:20 pm.


3)  Following the Parade, Under-12 and Under-15 players will return to their seats, while Under-10 players remain on the field to participate in the “Field of Dreams” ceremony where the soccer players accompany Barnstormer players onto the field for the national anthem. 


4)  And, don’t forget, it’s “Dollar Dog Night!”

Youth Soccer Night at the Barnstormers



2014 Parade of Teams

For a video glimpse of last year’s “Parade” and “Field of Dreams” events, click on the following link: 







UNDER-10 (6v6) GROUPS Posted: 5/20/15

Group A:

A1 – Lancaster Pink (Wanga)
A2 – Ephrata Purple (Orzechowski)
A3 – Manheim Maroon (Kaufmann)
A4 – Ephrata Purple (Hackman)
A5 – Solanco Gold (Brown)


Group C:

C1 – Lititz Red (Wolgemuth)
C2 – Solanco Gold (Bickford)
C3 – Conestoga Valley (Offidani)

C4 – Manheim Maroon (Valdez

Group B:

B1 – Conestoga Valley (Ashcroft)
B2 – Lititz Red (Sonder)
B3 – Lancaster Pink (Carlson)
B4 – Lititz Red (English)




Cocalico High School Saturday, May 30th



UNDER-10 (8v8) GROUPS Posted: 5/20/15


Group D:

D1 – Penn Legacy White (Davis)
D2 – E’town United Blue (Kline)
D3 – Manheim Twp Navy (Krauss)
D4 – Penn Manor Lime ((Reinhart)
D5 – Penn Legacy White (Watts)


Group G:

G1 – Pequea Valley Red (Rosa)
G2 – Penn Manor Lime (Bibus)
G3 – Manheim Twp Navy (Labezius)
G4 – Penn Manor Lime (Shipley)


Group E:

E1 – Ephrata Purple (Long)
E2 – Penn Legacy White (Petrillo)
E3 – Penn Manor Lime (Kauffman)
E4 – Garden Spot Blue (Usner)


Group H:

H1 – Donegal Green (Stynes)
H2 – Cocalico Blue (Bell)
H3 – Solanco Gold (Brocklehurst)
H4 – E’town United (Endy)


Group F:

F1 – St. Anne’s Gold (Schell)
F2 – Cocalico Blue (Boles)
F3 – Manheim Twp Navy (Goldstein)
F4 – Cocalico Blue (Hartman)



Reidenbaugh Elementary School Manheim Township Saturday, May 30th



UNDER-12 (8v8) GROUPS Posted: 5/20/15


Group I:

I1 – Penn Legacy White (Den Bleyker)
I2 – Lancaster Pink (Serrano)
I3 – Cocalico Blue (Wilson)
I4 – Garden Spot Blue (O’Neill)
I5 – Penn Legacy White (Claxton)


Group K:

K1 – Penn Manor Lime (Hodges)
K2 – Penn Legacy White (Myer)
K3 – Penn Manor Lime (Stoner)
K4 – Penn Legacy White (Cummings)


Group J:

J1 – Akron Orange (Rummel)
J2 – Lancaster Pink (Rodriguez)
J3 – Penn Manor Lime (Stavely)
J4 – Donegal Green (Dalton)


Group L:

L1 – E’town United Blue (Cook)
L2 – Penn Legacy White (Barrick)
L3 – Manheim Maroon (Leitch)
L4 – Cocalico Blue (Steiner)

Reidenbaugh Elementary School Manheim Township Sunday, May 31st



UNDER-12 (11v11) GROUPS Posted: 5/20/15


Group M:

M1 – St. Anne’s Gold (Citsay)
M2 – Pequea Valley Red (Graham)
M3 – Manheim Twp Navy (Journey)
M4 – Lititz Red (Newman)


Group N:

N1 – Manheim Twp Navy (Mathew)
N2 – Ephrata Purple (Shimp)
N3 – Lamp-Stras White (Mast)
N4 – Conestoga Valley Red (Mongiovi)


Ephrata Middle School Saturday, May 30th



UNDER-15 GROUPS Posted: 5/20/15


Group O:

O1 – Lamp-Stras White (Snyder)
O2 – Garden Spot Blue (Armbruster)
O3 – Conestoga Val Red ( Luckenbill)
O4 – Cocalico Blue (Boyd)


Group Q:

Q1 – St. Anne’s Gold (Haefner)
Q2 – Manheim Twp Navy (Fidgett)
Q3 – Donegal Green (Habecker)
Q4 – Penn Manor Lime (Overdorf)


Group P:

P1 – Ephrata Purple (Boyer)
P2 – Penn Legacy White (Leisure)
P3 – Penn Legacy White (Greo)
P4 – Penn Legacy White (DeSantis)
P5 – Conoy Blue (Jensen)



Ephrata Middle School Saturday, May 30th




New Addition to LAGS Romp Recommendation


At its pre-season meeting, the member clubs of LAGS voted to add the following to the Romp Recommendation in its by-laws:


At any point in the match, a team losing by five or more goals may add an additional player for the duration of the game.”


This does not replace the existing recommendation, only adds to it.  So, if the winning team continues to score even after the losing team adds a player, we still expect the winning team’s coach to take steps of his/her own to try to make the game more competitive. 




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(Lancaster Area Girls Soccer)

LAGS is the governing body for Lancaster County's girls recreational youth soccer league. LAGS schedules all the league’s games for both the Spring (April & May) and Fall (September & October) seasons as well as the LAGS end-of-season Festivals. LAGS also acts as mediator should an issue arise during the season or Festival.


LAGS does not field any teams. If you are new to the area or are looking for a youth soccer club in which to enroll your daughter, visit the “Participating Clubs” page above to find the youth soccer club in your area.  Age group divisions are Under-10, Under-12, Under-15 and Under-19. Check with the youth soccer club in your area for the exact birth date ranges for each age division.